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OUR MISSION is to improve the healthcare and quality of life for qualified low income, uninsured adults of Kerr County and the surrounding counties by providing free physical and mental healthcare, medications and health education in a Christian environment that promotes a patient-centered culturally sensitive healthcare model.
As a member of The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics we are building a healthy America one patient at a time by means of free and charitable clinics where medical care for the underserved isn't a dream it's a reality.
Our Medical Providers...
  • Trudy Meehan, Family Nurse Practitioner, CFNP
  • Julie Merritt, Family Nurse Practitioner, CFNP
  • Alex Garza, Family Nurse Practitioner, CFNP volunteer
  • Ernesto Hernandez, MD volunteer
  • Peter Kuhl, MD volunteer
  • Bill Sanders, MD volunteer
  • Shari Diamond, DO volunteer
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Dr. Kuhl

Doctor and Director

 Dr. Hernandez and Ken Zysko

FNP Alex Garza
RN's Chuck & Barbara Byrd
                                Board of Directors
  • Mike Douville, President        Mirta L Gonzalez, Secretary
  • Raymond Hardee, VP             Dr. Sandra Garred
  • Ruth Bauer                             John Windlinger, Treasurer
  • Kenneth J Zysko                    Jeff Sirianni 
  • Patsy Hodges                                


1807 Water Street

Kerrville, Texas 78028


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